Further developments in the Jailbreak iPhone 5 with iOS 6

Lately the news about the Jailbreak of iOS in June , especially for newer terminals as the iPhone 5 , not exactly good. The new version of the mobile platform from Apple is more difficult to overcome because ithas increased system security and hackers are struggling to come up with the solution. Besides the newer terminals have Apple A5 processor or higher ( iPhone 4S , iPad 2 , new iPad, iPod Touch 5G and iPhone 5) are resisting and still today it is not possible to apply the jailbreak -only they can have it are the owners of an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch fourth generation. 

Everything indicates that the Untethered Jailbreak (final) could take some time, maybe even more than iOS 5 that took more than three months. But we know that there are several hackers working on it and are slowly advancing.

Planetbeing 02

Planetbeing , Chronic Dev Team member, has posted a message a few hours ago on Twitter that brings some hope for users who have an iPhone 5 , but also to everyone else, as this is the terminal that is more difficult is supposed if they can jailbreak the rest also may have. Planetbeing says has improved the iPhone 5 Jailbreak chpwn achieved by several weeks , now says he is very close to getting a full Tethered Jailbreak , but the trouble is that the exploit that has been used from a developer’s official account, this means that you can not post because you used material protected by copyright . Despite this drawback is a step in the process since the base sits to find new exploits that can itself be distributed.

On the other hand a few days ago appeared a mysterious video on YouTube which showed an iPhone 5 with Jailbreak. The hacker responsible for this alleged discovery remains anonymous , this is the reason why he has not been given too much credence to the case. In the video we see that Cydiaapplication store-Jailbreak-functioning correctly and even shows Installous , a popular tool for hacking official applications from the App Store. In the comments of the video, the author says that it is expecting the best known hackers see the video scene to provide more details. The truth is that the jailbreak seems real in the video interacts with the terminal so it is not a simple screenshot, however will have to wait to find out more details.

Gone are seeing progress but we must not forget that the Jailbreak for iOS 6, and in particular that of theiPhone 5 , still take some time. Unable to know the exact date because it depends on many factors, but at least we know that there are people working and it is not completely stalled. ‘ll have to be patient and of course if you have not upgraded to iOS 6 it is best that you stay well if you want to keep the jailbreak.

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