Freefall from the stratosphere: to break the sound barrier

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  • The Austrian Felix Baumgartner jumps in free fall from more than 36,000
  • Travel in a pressurized capsule and reach the sound barrier

The balloon launch that will transport the extreme jumper Felix Baumgartner to the stratosphere means conducting the largest freefall jump in history. Salto live from 14.00 in Teledeporte and ].

The mission team this search stratospheric jump theAustrian athlete try to beat the record set in 1960 U.S. Colonel Joe Kittinger, when completed a freefall jump from an altitude of 31,333 meters (102,800 feet) during the quest ” Excelsior III “1960. Baumgartner jump from a balloon in the stratosphere will reach a height of 36,000 meters (120,000 feet).

The mission will become a global event, broadcast on 150 television stations worldwide. In Spain, can be followed in a special program that starts at 14:00 h live and Teledeporte in a program led by Amat Carceller and will be attended by experts and scientists to explain the scope of this project.

Breaking the sound barrier

The jump will be in free fall, giving a new world record.The Austrian wants to become the first person to break the sound barrier without more protection than his pressure suit while a measurement system will collect data that had never been achieved and will be shared with the scientific and medical communities.

In addition, one of the objectives of the mission will be to beat four records simultaneously and were established 50 years ago: the manned balloon flight higher (36,576 meters / 120,000 feet), the jump from the highest altitude, the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall, and the free fall of longer duration (about 5 minutes and 30 seconds).

Is expected to rise by a balloon that will carry a pressurized capsule, will last for three hours. The last leap of around five and a half minutes and, in the absence of 5,000 meters, will open the parachute. If weather conditions do not prevent the decline of this expert diver also occur in Roswell.

Images in real

During the entire climb, high definition cameras transmit images in real time activities Baumgartner in pressurized capsule and provide viewers with a dramatic first-person perspective of what happens every time. And when the Austrian jump, his suit will be equipped with five cameras that will record all the way down The technology behind the Red Bull Stratos project ] .

The team will share their discoveries and achievements in all areas with the scientific community worldwide. Obviously, the physical limits of the human being also redefined with this mission and help you learn more about the human body’s adaptation to space.

Already 52 years ago, the mission “Excelsior III” Joe Kittinger was instrumental in advancing aerospace research that led to implement security enhancements for mission crews into orbit, as well as improvements in pressurized spacesuits equipment .

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