Free software: a shield for democracy

It was approved Wednesday in the regional council a new frontier for the region Puglia : the free software. This is a software provided with four main requirements: freedom to run the program for any purpose, to study the program and modify it, redistribute copies, either to improve the program and redistribute public improvements, so that the whole community benefits. It is a technological device that is premised on the free sharing of knowledge : broadening the space for democratic participation, to enable citizens to take back the “public”.

“The Apulian accordance with the free software will have the ability to access data, information and news through the use of computer products gratuit i. The acts, resolutions, data, books, laws, and all regional activities will be used with free software that have the distinction of being distributed with a license at no cost to you. “So they write in a joint statement, the presidents and Disabato Losappio.

“The law also endows the regional government a tool to allow the maximum possible level of control activities and procedures, organizational and labor while achieving a cost savings of around 30 percent . Savings with no corresponding cut in resources but an increase in services and efficiency. The spread of free software finally supports research and raises the scientific process, production, technology and employment to which the Region of Puglia is stretched. “

The information is no longer subject to any kind of filter or machination , will be available to everyone. This is a revolution whose protagonists transparency and free flow of information. The city, now alienated from a system that builds a wall between himself and his own ability to participate, now has the opportunity to exercise his rights.

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