Former Apple employees describe the dark side of the company’s stores.

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When someone takes the computer for repair, the expectation is that the machine will be well cared for and cherished. However, at least at an Apple Store, it was not exactly what happened: depending on customer behavior, it was not uncommon for appliances being destroyed, stolen or given for free to the first person that has passed into place.

In an interview with Gizmodo, former company officials revealed the grim scenes of his former work. “My brain turns around to find that, statistically speaking, it is more difficult to get a job at an Apple Store than get into one of the Ivy League schools,” said Ronald (name fictious). “But somehow, they are composed of some of the most inept in the art of conversation,” he adds.

Manager corrupt

Among the stories told by Ronald and Jake, one of his former colleagues, is a product manager who traded for plastic surgery. According to them, the shop responsible for not hiding from anyone who was selling computers with discounts absurd for a surgeon in exchange for a reduction in stomach.

Former Apple employees describe the dark side of the company's stores

“She was notorious for doing favors for businesses in the community who did not want to play by Apple’s rules,” said Jake. “She lent computers for more than a month without any payment by manipulating inventories, created exceptions in customer service marred when their own equipment and offer excessive discounts to get favors out of the workplace,” he explains.

Abuse of power

Although the manager has been sacked after stealing bonuses from other employees of the store, she was not the only abusing their privileges. By manipulating the inventory, employees had access to a virtually unlimited stock of iPhones, which were exchanged for drinks and other products destroyed or simply for fun.

Ronald and Jake say that it was not unusual for employees of the store just showed up drunk on the premises. People who worked in the system for 24 hour care company were known to perform shifts in the cocaine and alcohol had become a routine.

Mistreatment of clients

Who came to an Apple Store and was considered unpleasant by employees also suffered with a variable dose of abuse. It was not uncommon that consumers were humiliated by their lack of knowledge or equipment left for maintenance were bathed in whiskey – there were even people whose photograph was placed in a mural that served as a sort of “hall of fame of stupidity.”

Former Apple employees describe the dark side of the company's stores

According to Ronald and Jake, kind of situations are not as common among the employees of Apple Store due to a more rigid inspection of the Cupertino company. They say many of his former colleagues no longer work at the site or in the company rose from office, which meant that the way the service is provided has changed since the time when the events described occurred.


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