Flickr wants to overshadow Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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Flickr tries to emphasize on mobile devices, having lost some of the public’s attention. The social network of photography Yahoo! has released an update to its application for iOS devices, intended to compete with Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and their options for making and sharing photos. Flickr argues that this new app “makes it easier to create and share photos” .

   The photo applications for mobile devices are most demanded by users. The ability to create, edit and share photos instantly, anywhere, any time, make this type of apps have gained popularity for users photo enthusiasts.

   Flickr site began operating in 2004. This network has been a favorite for the users to share their photos, however, the advent of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have eclipsed their success. For Instagram is one of the most obvious. The application / social network for iOS devices only started and won its users.

   The ability to edit photos with filters to give a different feel to each and share it with other users was one of its most important assets and an example to be followed by the rest of apps and social networks. His success was such that the company also launched its app for Android and was eventually acquired by Facebook. It currently has over 80 million users and this week has released an update that adds significant improvements.

   After the success of Instagram, Twitter also wanted to break into the world of photography so finally its over 500 million users can also play with different options when it comes to upload your pictures. Furthermore, these apps also heels Line, the instant messaging service which in turn incorporates, among others, a camera app that already has 20 million users worldwide.

IMAGES “high quality”

   But to deal with this situation is redesigned and Flickr app for iOS. According ensures Flickr responsible in EMEA, Jennifer Davies, a new app Portaltic the social network of Yahoo! ‘offers the experience of sharing images in high quality “ to continue with this “revolution” in the world of photography.

   “With the rise of digital cameras and photographic capabilities of mobile phones, the world of photography has revolutionized. Flickr is the largest photo specific platform in the world and taking pictures is one of our most powerful daily habits and inspiring” says Davies.

   Flickr for iOS provides a complete redesign of the app along with filters and options to share with other users. This is a new iPhone app, “fresh and completely redesigned” to users worldwide.And this is the main advantage of Flickr.

   “You can capture, edit and share photos without compromising the original quality of the picture. No other iPhone app to provide further create and share spectacular photos, enjoy them as original and discover amazing images of the world’s largest collection of high quality photos, “said Davies.

   Flickr for iOS now available for download, for free, on the App Store. You must wait to see if Flickr will be a tough opponent in the world of mobile applications.

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