Five simple tips on SEO for beginners

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Getting noticed in the results of search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is the biggest source of traffic for many businesses. So do not hesitate to invest generous amounts in search engine optimization. But not all have such budgets or simply never have considered the world’s positioning as a determinant. Learning to speak the same language as these network sniffers can be laborious.

Fortunately there are simple actions we can all make and do not require in-depth study of this discipline for our little blogs, sites, personal pages, etc. The following 5 tips to optimize our sites:

1. Highlight your qualifications

Titular well your pages is much more important than it seems. Of the many variables that the algorithms used to determine their rankings, the title (<title>) is the single most important factor within a page. It has to be informative and responsive to the needs of readers, offer a good user experience is what you want your followers and also the search engines.

2. Compresses images

Another determining factor for both users and search engines is the loading time of the page. There are many ways to optimize this time frame which pass through languages that escape us, but compress the images is something we can do easily. On the other hand from Google we provide toolsto check the loading time and possible problems. Essential.

3. Keep your URLs clean

Keep your URLs clean is more focused on the search engines, keywords prefer rather rare series of numbers. Often blogs offering platforms generate URLs of our posts as /? Page_id = 13 can activate autogenerarlas options in line with the title and date of post which automatically include keywords, for example if Pepito Calaceite visit: / pepito en calaceite.

4. Description, call to action

We discussed factors to improve search engine rankings, but the description is not exclusively defined for it, but it is to attract visitors once we appear in the search engines. We are able to about 133 characters to explain what they offer or what you can find in our site, we take advantage of our sentence to include the keywords that define our website.

5. Internal Links

As important as having inbound links to our site from other sites are internal links. It is relevant to readers and search engines that our content is linkeado together. We must link the posts usinganchor text (anchor text anchor, or what appears to link) with keywords to help clarify the content of our site.

Bonus: EMD (Exact Match Domain)

If you’re thinking of creating our site and have a keyword that stands out among the other well-defined, we should use when choosing our domain. Exact Match Domain (the domain fits exactly) is certainly the easiest way to get the best positions.

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