Five reasons why Windows 8 still not convinced

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In the months that have come to light several facts that suggest that the new Microsoft operating has not been accepted by the public in the manner expected. Microsoft said in a statement that it had sold only one month 40 million licenses of Windows 8, this made ​​many within the company will give light face, but sales continue to rise even have deflated.

windows 8

windows 8

And according to data collected in December by Net Market Share,uptake of Windows 8 is positioned behind Windows Vista, described above as the great failure of Microsoft. According to these data, Windows 8 in that month was used in 1.6% of Windows computers, ie 2.2% lower than those using Vista in the first month of life.Significantly, the data were taken until 22 December and remained to be seen if sales took off.

Now, as published by The Wall Street Journal, the Redmond have decided to lower prices to manufacturers to bet on Winodws 8 in their devices. “Such discounts could help reduce the price and increase the attractiveness of laptops running Windows 8, which was released last fall and offers a new computer-based touch interface,” said Eva Dou WSJ.

“Analysts say sales have been slow, which is limping, in part, by the lack of devices equipped with touch screen type that are common in tables,” noted the WSJ, but Microsoft refused to confirm or deny this off course.“As we have said before, Windows 8 was designed to scale across all sizes of PCs and tablets, large and small. We continue to work with our partners to ensure that Windows is available in a wide range of devices , “said the WSJ, a Microsoft spokesman.

But Asus, one of the manufacturers who said that Windows 8 from prinicpio has confessed that he has not gone as well as expected. “The acceptance of Windows 8 in the fourth quarter of the year was not very good. but the system based nootbook Windows8 touch is still good for our side “, said to ZD Net, the CEO of Asus. The technology journalist, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explained in ZD Net about the five reasons why Windows 8 fails to convince the users.

1. – Metro, an interface “inútl»

It is the opinion of Vaughan-Nichols and crawls. The Metro system is fine for the tablet interface but is “ugly and useless on desktop PC.”“Requires users to forget everything they have learned about Windows and learn a whole new way of doing things for no apparent reason,” blurts Vaughan-Nichols, though she says that with this system you can also use a more traditional interface but suggests that Microsoft may have suggested a better strategy. “It would have been better to leave the Aero interface Microsoft Windows 7 for the desktop version of Windows 8 and the idea renuncar Metro is an interface that can touch on all devices.”

2. – Windows 8 will not bring anything innovative to the “escriorio»

Vaughan-Nichols drops a question: “I can say at least one thing that has brought Windows 8 PCs qye escritoria is really innovative, exciting, addictive? I do not. ” Vaughan-Nichols points out that aside that Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7, everything else for him, is a disaster, especially the dual interface that “makes slow for practical purposes.”

3. – Windows 7 users are not changed

The same thing happened to consider Vista and XP. “Then, as now, the new operating system (Vista) was no better than the previous (XP) and very few moved to Vista.” This specialist also influences an economic factor, since while the crisis is still observed, it is very difficult for people to change their PC that works well with Windows 7 to a much more expensive with Windows 8.

4.-Compete against tablets, smartphones and desktop devices

“If you buy a new device in 2013 the chances are that it is an Apple iPad, a tablet or a Chromebook deAndroid cheap. The desktop PC is not dead yet, nor give much gain and Windows 8 is not helping to increase the profits in this sector. ” Microsoft, Vaughan-Nichols believes, should be aware of this and they should focus their efforts to sell “or rent” services such as Microsoft Office for iPad.

5.-hate Developers

Not that I hate Windows 8 but developers must develop applications natively in that  and not worth their knowledge and experience. NET, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), explained Vaughan-Nichols .

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