Five days with Google Nexus 7

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A few weeks ago Google revealed an open secret: they entered the tablet market in the hands of Nexus 7, a device with a seven-inch screen and quad processor.

A few days ago the tablet was released and have had the opportunity to use it for five days to tell the good, the bad and what you want.

And to close the circle of the arrival of the company to the world of machines, next week will review Chromebook and Chromebox, laptops without hard work only connected to the cloud.



The good

Nexus 7

The first thing to notice in this device is the price. For $ 199 Google tries to ensure a broad market by making some of its partners like Samsung in trouble. The tablet of the Korean company, for example, costs $ 249.The tablet can be purchased from various online stores or directly in the Google Play Store.

At the moment only available in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia, but Google promises that reach other countries soon. Puerto Rico has access to the Google store, except to rent movies.

The design of the tablet is particularly pleasant. It has a button-front top, back and menu buttons are software, not physical.There are only two sides: power and volume.A video camera on the front is the only thing that breaks the black design.

The back is made of a material such as rubber, which makes it easy to hold. The word Nexus through the back and most discreet Asus – the manufacturer below.

The line of speakers, headphone input and a mini USB port complete the circle. With 340 grams (the new iPad weighs 652) and a seven-inch screen, hold the Nexus 7 is easy. This blog is written in it.

Video on the Nexus 7

The high-definition screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The colors are sharp and HD videos exploit the technical specifications of the product.With Tegra 3 quad processor, the tablet never slows down. His performance, even with several apps open at the same time never languishes.

Using it nonstop for all day battery gave me more than 11 hours, not bad for a portable device. Options like adjusting screen brightness or GPS, that performance can be further improved.

Like the Google Nexus S phone, the tablet is equipped with Near Field Communication or NFC, a technology that allows two devices transmit data quickly and securely, as links and videos or to pay in shops with an app, but look rarely pay with a tablet.

With the arrival of Google Nexus 7 released the new version of Android, Jellybean, and with it Google Now a feature that causes the device to provide us with information before they ask for it.

Nexus 7

Just a couple of searches for the form we know, we know where we work, and so on. Now Google tells me every day how long will work, what time does my train, what is the weather in my city and my favorite restaurant hours. Scary, but very helpful.The preset browser is Google Chrome Nexus 7 and the experience is more than satisfactory unlike some Android phones that still has some flaws. In the tablet runs smoothly, synchronizes open tab and bookmarks between your device and computer.

The not so good

While the industry has decided to get rid of Adobe Flash, the fact is that many sites still use it. Nexus 7 and the new version of Android and not support it.With a little cleverness can install Flash using an alternative browser like Firefox, but it’s a needless headache.

The same applies to applications. While most are compatible with the latest version of Android, many apps on Play Store say “not compatible with this device.” Google needs to encourage more developers to develop apps for Jellybean, but the fragmentation of Android versions does not help.

Nexus 7

The tablet only has a front camera for Google clearly want to be used for video calls only. The resolution is not perfect (1.2 mega pixels) fulfills that objective, but nothing more. Again we must resort to the user community that generated an app to take pictures with this camera. And that works perfectly as you can see in this photo.Unlike most products with Android, Nexus 7 does not have an SD card to expand storage. The device comes in two versions: 8 and 16 gigabytes and that’s it,

Despite how well run the videos, the tablet does not have an HDMI port. You have to buy an adapter for that purpose, did someone say Apple?


With Nexus 7 Google seeks to market an alternative (albeit smaller) to the iPad, and with the price and what you get for less than $ 200 seems to achieve its mission.

Nexus 7

Google probably will not make money (maybe even miss it) with this machine, but certainly not worried. It is clear that their strategy is to bring people to your Tablet-Play Store is designed around you-and content for sale located therein.And meanwhile gets people keep looking on their servers, generating advertising revenue that is where lies his main income.

See you next week where he will outline Chromebook. Until then.

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