First trojan for the iPhone and iPad is identified by security expert

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A security specialist Kaspersky claims to have identified a trojan designed for Apple’s mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod. The worm was disguised as a digital application called “Find and Call” and also have a version for Android devices. Apple has removed the malicious application of the store.

In one post, Denis Maslennikov, Kaspersky Lab expert, says that installing Trojan horse (malicious program that opens up security holes on the device is installed), the application sends the contact list of devices to a remote server. The data is later used for sending spam via SMS. The main target users in Russia.

Maslennikov said he had contacted Apple and Google to report the malicious application, but did not yet return. In App Store, the app no longer appears, but you can still find it via search engines.

For the “Wired,” the Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said only that the application was removed from the App Store for “unauthorized use of your contact list, a violation of the rules of the store.”

It is not the first time that an application “steals” the catalog of contacts in iOS devices. In 2008, the game Aurora Feint was removed from the App Store for security and privacy problems.Aurora sent the contact list of users to their own servers without using encryption features.

More recently, the Path, application to share posts, photos and videos, also captured private data from users of iOS. The company apologized for what happened and claims to have deleted the data collected.

The “Find and Call”, unlike the Aurora Feint and Path was developed exclusively for stealing data from mobile devices – what would rank as the first malware for Apple’s system.

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