First private flight officer charged to the International Space Station

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  • The Dragon rocket mission will last about three weeks.
  • The vehicle transporting materials research provided support for the ISS crew, as well as hardware for the Space Station itself.
  • All mechanisms rocket “has worked as intended” and the freighter has separated from the Falcon 9 rocket without a hitch.
  • It is the first flight of a private ship: so far only had traveled to the ISS vehicle space agencies of Russia, the U.S., Europe and Japan.

The rocket Dragon Spacex-owned-was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral on Monday (Florida), to start a mission to the International Space Station ( ISS ), which will last about three weeks and, moreover, is the first to take out a private space freighter.

NASA plans to use the Dragon capsule to carry cargo and astronauts to the ISSDragon takes off, carrying 454 kilograms of cargo to the ISS, occurred at 2.35 hours, CET Spanish-aboard the Falcon 9 rocket. The NASA has reported that all the mechanisms of the rocket “has worked as intended” and the freighter has separated from the Falcon 9 without a hitch.

Dragon transports materials to support research on the ISS, and other resources for the crew and hardware for the Space Station itself.

SpaceX signed with the U.S. space agency NASA in December 2008 a contract for 12 cargo transportation missions to the ISS, although the ship’s inaugural flight was not unloaded. Then, Dragon was also released with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket, took two laps to Earth and splashed down in the Pacific.

This flight, which NASA called “test”, lasted a week and was thefirst ever flight of a private spacecraft to ISS, since, to date, only had docked to the station car space agencies Russia, U.S., Europe and Japan.

The U.S. space agency retired in 2011 to all ferries Shuttle program and now plans to use the Dragon capsule to carry astronauts and cargo to the ISS. The ship has two modules and can accommodate seven people.

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