First image of a star eating a planet

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An international team of astronomers has captured the first image of a planet’s destruction at the hands of his old star.This work shows that the planet was devoured by the star disappeared ‘BD 48 740’ when it began to expand as ‘red giant’ – the equivalent to the older stellar -.

   Lead author of the study, published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, Alexander Wolszcan, stated that “catching a planet in the act of being devoured by a star is a feat almost improbable to achieve due to the speed of the process” and He added that “this is the destination to Expect for planets in the solar system when the sun becomes a red giant.”

   But this finding has also led to the discovery that this star has an abnormally high amount of lithium, “a rare element mainly created during the Big Bang, 14,000 million years ago,” said the author.

   In this regard, he noted that lithium easily destroyed the stars, so that their abundance ‘BD 48 740’ “unusual”, even though it is older than the Sun “Theorists have identified very few cases and specific other than the Big Bang, stars that can create lithium “said.


    Moreover, astronomers have discovered a massive planet orbiting the red giant star. Given this “curiosity” Wolszczan and his team (which is researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Eva Villaver), are now seeking the reasons for this peculiar orbit that allows the planet to survive despite what is happening with your star.

   On the planet, which has 1.6 times the mass of Jupiter, Wolszcan has indicated that “revolves around the star in an orbit that is only slightly wider than that of Mars at its narrowest point, but is much broader at its farthest point. “

   “These orbits are rare in planetary systems around evolved stars.’s Actually more elliptical orbit detected so far,” he noted the researcher.

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