First details and images of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus

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Samsung is going through its best as a manufacturer of mobile phones. I recently got crowned as thelargest producer in the world of telephony , getting ahead of Nokia who held this position for many years. Samsung has a very diverse catalog ranging from very modest and simple devices to the most successful pointers as the Samsung Galaxy S3 . The brand covers all ranges and thus can meet the needs of each client. Samsung continues to nourish its catalog with new devices, something that is reflected in the latest rumors about the supposed Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S Plus This model would be a Samsung Galaxy S2 improved.

 The Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus would have a slightly larger screen, specifically 4.52 inches diagonally, which maintains the same resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Another difference is that s ale factory with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich one of the most current versions of the mobile platform from Google .

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus 02

However, as pointed out in GSMArena , this Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S2 variant for the U.S. operator T-Mobile. Indeed the terminal has almost the same sheet and the same design , which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 with very rounded corners. The fact that this model has appeared under the name of Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus could indicate that the company is planning to launch in more countries as an improvement of the Samsung Galaxy S2 original. Not the first time Samsung launches a revamped version of its former flagship, as we have said this is what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S Plus they added some improvements to the original model.


Following the technical specifications for this hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus , we see that the terminal has 16 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 32 GB additional memory cards MicroSD ),eight-megapixel camera and various connectivity options like 3G, Wi -Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. device isthicker than the original model, increasing to 9.52 mm, and its weight is 132 grams. According VTR , Chilean operator terminal where it has appeared, will be sold only in black even if finally becomes reality is likely to also see a variation in white tone.

At the moment there is no data to confirm the intentions of Samsung to launch the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus to the international market. sounds logical that they will introduce Samsung Galaxy S2 improved but the fact is that this model does not have many new features which constitute a significant leap. Let’s wait to see if there are more data about this alleged new model, while this information is necessary to understand what it is, an unconfirmed rumor.

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