First clues about what’s new in Android 4.2

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Update: The team of Android and Me , the blog where the original story was published, it has been found that this information about Android 4.2 is false. Sources that provided these data confirmed the news but finally has been staying in a rumor without foundation. however really is quite likely that Google launched a new release of Android soon, probably with the arrival of the first smartphone from LG Nexus.

The rise of Android is unstoppable and today many manufacturers have chosen to include this platform on their smartphones. The mobile operating system Google has already surpassed the 50% market share , the factors influencing this growth are, of course, the versatility and also that there is a wide offer where users can choose from a multitude of different devices; from high-end to other much simpler than logically are cheaper. This past June, Google announced the new version 4.1 dubbed with the nickname of Jelly Bean . Currently have already started updating some terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to do other brands in the coming months. With Android 4.1 almost fresh out of the oven, the company is already preparing the next release of Android, which corresponds to version 4.2, of which some tracks are already known thanks to the publisher Android and Me.

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The team of Google continues to work on making the user experience as pleasant as possible and will continue with Android 4.2. Among the functions that could integrate this issue highlights the newcustomization center. This feature would focus especially the rumored smartphones Nexus could launch manufacturers like Samsung , LG and Sony . terminals in these cases would come from the factory with the original version of Android without applying any interface user’s own like TouchWiz fromSamsung . The role of personalization center would be able to include visual layers to modify the appearance of the system and of course also include themes, wallpapers or ringtones, in short everything you need for each user to customize the terminal to your liking.

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Google also focuses on improving the performance of the devices, as they did with the system Project Butter of Android 4.1 , which optimizes performance for more fluid operation. The company could continue to improve in this regard with RoadRunner Project, although this case the function would focus on minimizing the power consumption for longer battery life. The wizard Now Google launched Jelly Bean would receive a renovation to expand its capabilities to activate options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or control the screen brightness using our voice. On the other hand they could also get updates for some applications such as store native Google Play or video player , which could be integrated with third party applications to offer more services.

According to rumors, the Android 2.4 come next November and could be presented with one of the alleged new Nexus smartphones launched several manufacturers. In Android Police have investigated about possible models that take this version and found an alleged phone dubbed “Occam” and atablet with the name “Manta.” At the moment nothing is confirmed, we must wait for further details .

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