Firefox OS is the operating system for low-end phones

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The Mozilla Foundation develops software that enables Internet access to cellular unsophisticated.

The Mozilla Foundation, Firefox famous for creating the first Internet browser that successfully challenged the leader Internet Explorer from Microsoft, is now working on developing an operating system for low-end mobile phones that will allow these devices to connect to Internet as do the smartphones. This is an “operating system 100% Open Source (distributed free and developed so)” that “is generating significant interest in the community,” says Silicon News, which saw the publication of a YouTube video showing how the operation of the software will be dubbed Firefox OS. In the pictures you can see the appearance of the icons, a toolbar at the bottom of the screen and the menu. Moreover, one can see how to run the camera and how the user can modify the pictures go through a series of filters. Use the Firefox browser. operating system will hit phones in 2013 in partnership with manufacturers ZTE and Alcatel and according to the newspaper “Vanguardia” of Mexico, these machines cost between a third and a sixth less than the competitors. THE Mozilla’s mobile operating system will also feature an app store to be called Firefox Marketplace. Firefox OS seek to make space in a market dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

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