Firefox OS for smartphones can be tested on the computer

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There is no better way to learn more about the new mobile operating system to put their hands on it, right? The team of software engineering at Mozilla this week announced it will begin posting small versions of Firefox for OS desktop to desktop environments for anyone wishing to play with the software.

These versions, builds and calls codenamed Boot2Gecko (B2G), will be offered for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. These compilations are limited to the desktop and can not be sent to a mobile phone or tablet, according to information from the OS Firefox team. 

With this expansion of access to the system, the development team hopes to increase its community of software testers. These efforts have been “challenging” because so far the distribution has been delayed due to legal problems, according to those responsible. 

For web application developers, the desktop versions provide the opportunity to create and test applications on the system. What makes Firefox different as mobile operating system is that it is based on standard web technologies such as the Gecko HTML rendering engine, the Linux kernel, HTML5 and JavaScript. “If you are willing to help do some tests, these desktop builds also offer an immediate opportunity to play with [the software] and help us in writing of test plans and bugs” added the team. 

Mozilla started working on its mobile operating system in 2011 and in February this year announced the first agreement with an operator, Telefonica, for the manufacture of smartphones with the software. Six other carriers, including Sprint, joined the group this month.Alcatel One Touch and ZTE will produce the devices.

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