Firefox OS can appear in handsets from ZTE in 2013

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The operating system Firefox seems closer than ever to finally happen. This is due to the news that the Chinese giant ZTE smartphone plans to start selling devices with the software in early 2013.This step is a double-edged sword for the company that built its stable range of low cost Android handsets and, more recently, has hinted it would also models based on Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

“It’s all part of our wider plans to create a better balance of products using multiple operating systems. We will not rely on Windows or Android,” said David Dai Shu, ZTE, told Reuters.Interestingly, Dai Su also revealed plans to launch smartphones based on an OS itself for sale outside of China, an unexpected event that can be driven by anxiety to retain control over the development.

“We’re trying to increase our efforts to reach our own operating system, as we introduce products based on Google’s OS,” he said.Proponents of the operating system have always been carriers, however, with Telefónica O2 firmly supporting software for use in low-cost smartphones to go on sale in developing markets. At least Firefox seems a low cost alternative to big brands.

Just weeks ago, a video showing the recent construction of the OS made an appearance on a Chinese smartphone. Although it seems stable for basic cellular functions, which will fail in launching third-party applications.Mozilla expects the same developers who have embraced the browser by building add-ons will do the same for its foray into the mobile world.

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