Firefox OS: 5 facts about the operating system based on HTML5

Mozilla announced Firefox OS this week, the project name given to Boot Gecko, which is focused on creating a mobile operating system completely based on HTML5 to break the bonds that are now seen on proprietary platforms such as Android and iOS. The main idea is to democratize the use of applications.

“Where do you want to live your life online? In Google? At Microsoft? In Apple? A single company, no matter how good, can not meet the needs of billions of people worldwide, “comparing the upcoming release, scheduled for later this year and early 2013. “That’s why the web exists to connect everyone. We believe the web, and not a proprietary system like iOS, Android or Windows Phone is the best platform. “. There is no consistent way to create multiplatform applications, because the stores of Apple, Android and Windows Phone not talk. This generates rework the developer who wants to have your app in all of them.“This is not the Internet open to us. All this contributes to something fundamental limit innovation. Today we seem to have much innovation in applications because we started from scratch. Ten years ago, the innovation of the internet was very slow. AOL had 17 million users, when the environment was open to open source standards, jumped to one hundred million. The same will happen with mobile.

The main detailed information  on the operating system, who obviously work in offline mode are:-

  1. Change the user’s interaction with smartphone, tablet PC and, if the operating system is completely based on HTML5, makes no difference if you run applications on a PC, tablet and smartphone. The proposal is that the web is the default, and not in a cast and operating systems that do not talk to each other. This would facilitate the convergence process and the need for integration demanded by customers.
  2. Less processing: the proposal to enforce the default open HTML5 surce mobile platform – allowing the user to customize your system, from the codes that will be open – to use less processing apparatus for line telephony. Thus, a smartphone, which today must be extremely stout in order to run applications and operating system, could be more spartan and get the same functionality.
  3. Growth of featurephones: As a result, web access will be more democratic, in countries where  population  can’t buy the devices for the simple combination of lack of money and high prices. The featurephones, therefore, would be the gateway to the web in this population.
  4. Developers happier: A web environment will allow the 2.5 million web developers deliver their applications on any platform regardless of connecting the world. Once done in HTML5, applications run on any browser. “The Web exists today to connect at all. If the application is created in HTML5, will run beautifully in Gecko To Boot. If in Android, will run in the browser, “said. Take the example of Research In Motion, which after years of closing its App World, decided to open it for developers Android empacotassem your applications simpler and easier on the platform. The optics of the Firefox OS, the programmer, with less effort would have more chance to make money, since your app would be available in different stores.
  5. Privacy: The system will have a privacy panel to determine what data the user releases to be displayed. Anyway, Kovacs was adamant: “Today the only browser that does not record their behavior, what you do, where you browse. This is because we do not want to make money selling you, we are allowing the Internet is open, and we are building the same policies and implementations in Gecko To Boot. “

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