Firefox could be available for iOS

Famous browser Mozilla Firefox could be moving ahead toward the Apple iOS operating system. Sources provide the exact words quoted by Jonathan Nightingale, vice president of the company that: “We have to be where our customers are and we will get carried Firefox iOS”.

The statement on the release of Firefox for iOS is a major change in the ideology of Mozilla, as the company has been characterized in the past by insisting that he would not offer a version of your browser to iOS because of the well known negative Apple to allow third-party browsers use their own web engines.

One of the main points of contention for Mozilla has always been Apple’s refusal to allow your browser to make use of JavaScript engines for iOS, because Apple imposes strict restrictions on third-party browsers, limiting them to own JavaScript engine already available to the company on the block. Before iOS 8, ‚Äč‚Äčthis meant that third party browsers were slower than Apple’s Safari, but, following the September launch of the latest version of its operating system, the truth is that from Cupertino began to allow browsers third advantage of features previously unavailable, as the Nitro JavaScript engine.

The inability to provide custom web engines along with the lack of an option to configure a third default browser makes it difficult for companies like Chrome, Opera and Firefox believe browsing experience satisfactory considering the millions of Apple users. Although little is known about the plans of Firefox for iOS, and the alleged conversation Nightingale has not been confirmed officially, increasingly seems more likely that Mozilla slowly start working according to the margins granted by Apple .

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