Firefox 19 Beta unlock built-in PDF viewer

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Mozilla has released a beta of Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux releases. It comes with an integrated, based on HTML5 and JavaScript PDF viewer PDF.js .

firefox-betaAlso new is a reset function for the inputs used in the AwesomeBar search provider, if this about third-party application or through the dialog: changed config. Also, the boot process of the browser Mozilla has accelerated again.

Content of canvas elements can now use the command canvas.toBlob () export. HTML5 support has been extended to support additional CSS features, including the rule @ page and dependent viewport percentage length units .

Developers can, according to the release notes using new debugger features such as pausing at exceptions and hiding properties not countable. There is also an experimental browser debugger.Also still experimental is a remote console to access Firefox on Android OS or Firefox. Web console CSS links now open in style editor.

With the desktop version, Mozilla has released a beta of Firefox 19 for Android. It provides Theme Support for personalization of the browser and extends the localization to traditional and simplified Chinese. At the same time Mozilla has reduced hardware requirements . Put the Android version of Firefox yet requires a 800 MHz ARMv6 processor, now has a 600-MHz CPU with 512 MB ​​of RAM and enough HVGA resolution (480 by 320 pixels). The update fixes a problem in addition, has been canceled by the text using the backspace key, both before and after the cursor. Therelease notes list all the new features and known errors.

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