Firefox 17, knows the details of the latest update

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Firefox 17 is an update full of new features , which we will present this article from the grip lest unawares when the browser is automatically updated.

Although Firefox has lost popularity with Google Chrome , still has a stable number of followers and that’s why we keep looking to improve the web browsing experience with its constant updates.

Features and news about Firefox 17 .

  • Lock without updating plugins (can be reset in the settings menu).
  • Larger icons in the address bar.
  • Support for Mac OS X notifications of 10.8.
  • JavaScript Maps are now iterable (able to be repeated).
  • New Features and StrokePaint FillPaint SVG.
  • Improvements to facilitate performance tools like web console, and debugging tool for developers toolbar.
  • New dial pad in the Inspector of pages for easier editing of DOM.
  • Improved Security Sandbox iframes with attribute (HTML5).

Among these improvements, there have been subtle updates in different areas of the browser, for better Internet experience to be in, but the same responsible for Firefox 17 have said they have not solved all the flaws that have faced before, but periodically will handle those problems (ie, when they find the final solution).

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, and are available the respective versions of Firefox for operating systems of your choice:

  • Mozilla Firefox 17 for PC ( link )
  • Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS 17 ( link ).
  • Mozilla Firefox for Linux 17 ( link ).

We hope they are helpful and let us know the performance of this update to one of the most influential browsers in recent years.

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