Firefox 17 is improved Mac support and Awesome Bar

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Mozilla has released the Aurora channel a preview of Firefox 17th It provides support for the Notification Center of OS X 10.8 Lion MountainIn addition, the address bar, the so-called “Awesome Bar”, revised. You will now display larger icons.

The HTML 5 support has been to attribute sandbox extended for iFrames. This makes it possible to restrict the content that will be displayed in the iframe. Designed to increase the security.

Most innovations Firefox holds 17 ready for developers.Thus, the Web console, the debugger and the Developer Toolbar has been optimized for speed and ease of use. A new markup in the Page Inspector panel allows easy editing of the Document Object Model (DOM).

The instructions javascript maps and sets can be repeated now. In addition, SVG and SVG FillPaint Stroke Paint implemented. Also new is support for the CSS rule @ supports . Mozilla developer Kevin Dangoor goes in a blog post elaborates on the changes.

In addition, Mozilla has fixed over twenty performance problems, which includes improvements to the “New Tab” page. Still in the early pre-release version but also some known bugs. It may happen around that time you launch Firefox with a locked profile leading to a crash. On Windows, use the System Restore can shortly after installing the latest version of Firefox mean that in future no more updates are possible. A complete list of new features and known bugs can be found in the release notes .

In addition to the desktop version and the mobile version is Firefox for Android in front of an early version of the 17th In addition to some of these new features, it provides basic support for web apps as well as support for hardware and software decoder for H.264 video in Android 4.0 and 4.1. The Jelly Bean Function Explore by Touch is now supported.

Firefox 17 Aurora is out for Android for Windows, Mac OS and Linux is available for download. Due to the alpha state, the developers build should not be used in production environments.

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