Firefox 16 is ready

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Mozilla Firefox has completed 16 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new browser version provides performance improvements, minor visual changes and enhanced HTML5 support. In HTML5 compatibility test the browser now reaches 369 points (Firefox 15: 346). However, except for the Internet Explorer’s main competitors achieve higher results: Google Chrome offers the highest compatibility with 465 points.

Introduced with Firefox 15 native PDF support, the opening of PDF files in Google Chrome as possible directly without additional plug-in in the browser is not enabled by default. About: config does not turn on the PDF support on the variable pdfjs.disabled (false).

The visual changes are reflected in a streamlined menu and a more conspicuous display of search results. In addition, the new version offers support for Web applications from Mozilla’s Marketplace. Once this – probably later this year – opens, users can use Web-based apps with any Firefox version.

The release of memory is no longer occupied due to improved “garbage” are faster, especially in the processing of JavaScript code. By typing “about: memory” in the Firefox address bar 16 displays a more detailed representation of the memory consumption. Now can I check how much data specific websites.

Developers benefit from a new toolbar with buttons for quick access to tools, an error count for the Web console and a new command line for quick keystrokes. The bar is open on the Developer menu or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F2. Scratchpad now shows a list of recently opened files. In addition, in CSS3 features such as animations, transitions and gradients must not be more Mozilla prefix prepended. Instead of a “-moz-border-radius” for example submits “border-radius”.

The free audio codec supports 16 Opus in Firefox by default. Also opposite directions animation work now. Therefore Mozilla has removed the support of MD5 as the hash algorithm in digital signatures. The new version is available now for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

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