Firefox 14 released: Mozilla

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Mozilla announced yesterday the release its new Firefox browser 14 , which brings some new more interesting, such as navigation and permanently secured two new APIs are introduced in order to achieve better management controls and displays, for the most delight of developers.
Mozilla has thus sought to remove in this version 14 Firefox, the browser that does not follow what is being done already but it innovates drastically! Indeed, to date it is the only browser to enable secure Internet connections, by encrypting the research on some engines, so they can not see what we consult. Snook or the Google Chrome browser will block the road a bit to Google? Mozilla has yet offered a way for users to consult the Google search engine in real time by encrypting his research.

The firm announced that Mozilla for now this new feature is present only for the Google search engine, but later he hears obviously generalize this technique to all engines. This way, your searches will not be usable by some sites or some malicious people. Another good point in the security field, the Firefox browser will also offer a 14 identity verification sites when you do the research. To do this, Firefox 14 has a self-completion of URLs that appear more quickly what you want, but above that will analyze the site’s identity and the site icon in order to prevent theft of SSL connections. For developers, the Mozilla Firefox browser 14 provides two new APIs in order to achieve better management controls and displays. Now an API avoids the standby screen, support of CSS is significantly enhanced to support certain formats of particular texts, an API named Pointer Lock allows applications or games to optimize control of mouse, etc.. Fiferox 14 supports full screen OS X 10.7 Lion, which will please fans of online gaming or video playback, offering them a more comfortable reading or viewing.

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