Find out about the six technology trends that dominated 2012

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This year marked the emergence of key technologies such as Big Data movement and bring your own device (BYOD). These trends have dominated the headlines, and in some cases even changed the way they do business and manage the world’s information technology (IT). Here are some concepts and technologies that made history in 2012. 

1. Big Data is highlighted Data analysis is not a new trend. Laboratories of North Carolina and Chicago, USA, have sequenced and analyzed the genomes of model fusion for decades. What’s new is the analysis of the mountain of data. Tools like Google Analytics facilitated the work of administrators to analyze the flow of hits on a site, for example, even when there are millions of data.

Infographics that help explain massive data also became popular. Colorful graphics, expanding into multiple pages, helped to draw conclusions and become the big data more understandable.

2nd. Online training boosted Crowdsourced
For most large companies, online courses that help employees learn about a new application or an accounting process are common. What changed in 2012 was the creation of content. Sites like Udemy and Udacity prove Crowdsourced training. There, specialists can post a seminary for training. When Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, promotes training to understand how the development of a product, it is possible to identify that there is a trend there. 

3. Near Field Communication (NFC) advances first appeared NFC in phones last year, but the concept took several months to take off. Now, we can already see the technology out there. Samsung, for example, has two smartphones with the solution. New models of Google and Samsung tech support.Bluetooth is very difficult to set up, to many, and data exchange instant NFC technology makes it more friendly.

4th. Biometrics
Security Biometrics, for example, uses fingerprint or iris scanning to grant secure access. Over the past decade, the idea grew, but few use technology daily. That may change with long-range scanners. This means much more flexibility in how a security checkpoint building works and ensures faster processing. 

5. Supermonitores high resolution monitor The Samsung Series 9 is an example of a color monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which takes photos and opens Word documents. Apple joined the wave of supermonitors with laptop MacBook Pro and the new iPad. With an increase in resolution, employees can keep a screen with Skype on the one hand, the web browser and other business applications on the same screen, all without any loss of workspace. 

6. BYOD employees are taking their consumer devices for work and using the device for business tasks. The devices include Amazon Kindle Fire HD that is designed for reading books and can be used for watching movies, but also has a fast web browser that works well for corporate webmail.

Most IT departments responded well to this movement, using solutions to control access to devices by employees on the corporate network.

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