Final of Chrome 22 closes 23 security holes

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Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 22.0.1229.79. This release includes, among other additional enhancements to Windows 8 and support for screens with higher pixel densities as Apple’s retina displays. In addition, the search stuffs Group 23 vulnerabilities in its browser. Of 15 vulnerabilities is the release notes , according from a “high” risk. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability to inject and execute arbitrary code within the sandbox of the browser.


The new version fixes, among other mistakes in WebGL, Skia, PDF viewer and in dealing with SVG files, extensions and plug-ins. A vulnerability in the JavaScript engine V8 allows cross-site scripting. The previous version is also vulnerable to buffer overflows when optimizations for the SSE2 instruction set extensions are implemented.

The finders of vulnerabilities Google pays a reward of $ 24,500. Of that $ 15,000 to the security researcher Sergey Glazunov and $ 3,500 to Atte Kettunen from the University of Oulu in Finland. The amount of the premium paid is dependent on the severity of the vulnerabilities found.

Additional $ 5,000 received Eetu Luodemaa and Joni Vähämäki by the Finnish company Documill.They had reported a Google classified as critical vulnerability in the Windows kernel. “Sometimes we pay a special reward for bugs outside of Chrome, especially if the problem is very difficult, we are able to circumvent the problem partially,” says Google’s Chrome blog.

Another new feature of Chrome 22, the Mouse Lock API (Application Programming Interface), which is now also available for JavaScript. 3D applications get access to the mouse pointer over it, which according to Google provides a “natural” use of the application with the mouse without the mouse pointer can leave the window of the app. As an example, Google called so-called first-person shooter, and refers to a technology developed by Mozilla demo . Other areas of application are medical and scientific software and simulations.

Users who have already installed Chrome will have the new version automatically via the integrated update function on your browser. Alternatively, the current edition of the Google Web site to download.

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