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After Milestone 1 of Windows 9 has leaked on the Internet that claim is, the first edition of Windows development Blue , an ISO of 2.63 Gbytes for 32-bit, build -2105_X86FRE_CLIENT 9364.0.FBL_PARTNER_OUT13.130315 .



Windows Blue that it looks will be an updater from older editions of operating systems (or a separate system as inexpensive system) and has been recently confirmed in an internal meeting at the conference TestFech but their references were multiple jobs , task lists Microsoft engineers or application development code.

Anyway, the leak of 9364 in turn confirm the parallel development of two systems , one standard and one Windows 9 Windows Blue, advancing the standard three-year cycle in the development of Microsoft.

Otherwise, the Windows 9364 Blue and would use new kernel 6.3 (Windows 6.2 and Windows 8 is 9 6.3) and so we mainly improve Modern UI interface (Metro) with customized sizes of tiles, better multitasking, native or new applications including the new version of Internet Explorer 11.

We leave you with a gallery of images of this build 9364 installation recommending tests only for no productive purpose as well as being very early development versions, and authenticity can not have any support.

Blue Blue Windows9 build 180x129 Windows 9364, filtered            windowsblue 2 Blue build Windows 9364 180x129, filtered                  3 180x129 Blue windowsblue build Windows 9364, filtered

windowsblue 4 Blue build Windows 9364 180x129, filtered           Windows 5 180x129 windowsblue 9364 Blue build, filtered                 Windows 6 180x129 windowsblue 9364 Blue build, filtered


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