FBI Warns of Android malware

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The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which is run by the FBI and other agencies, has malware on mobile devices warned . As examples led to the Working Group and Loozfon FinFisher which were last struck by attacks on Android operating systems. The IC3 took this as an opportunity to make general recommendations to protect against malware on smartphones.

According to estimates by The Next Web , the examples are chosen not happy. Loozfon aims primarily to Japanese users, whether Symantec in August discovered and have been classified as not very dangerous. About FinFisher was written two months ago a lot. It concerns not only Android, but there are also variations of it for iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Loozfon finds his victims through advertising, the promise is, “a good income just by sending e-mails.” Contained a link to a website that tries to install malware. Failing that, stolen Loozfon the address and other information. FinFisher considered spyware, assume the components of a mobile device and it can be monitored and controlled remotely.

The IC3 gives users a series of clues in order to protect themselves and their mobile devices rather, you should disable unneeded features to reduce the attack surface, use password protection and possibly encryption available, find out about apps and their providers note the required permits and understand, get a special malware protection for your device, look for applications that use location detection, better do without a jailbreak, connect the device with unknown WLANs, regularly install updates, and finally install software from unknown sources.“Make your phone the same precautions as with a computer, which allows you to access the Internet,” reads the summary.

According to McAfee, Mac OS and Android are currently the darlings of malware authors. While Windows is still the main target of malware attacks, Mac OS and the Android mobile operating system, however, brought up rapidly. Conclusion of the last quarterly report, McAfee was that malware can attack every operating system and platform. Even Google can not seem to close this knowledge and is developing a malware scanner to develop for Google Play.

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