FB acknowledges that excess time on the network ‘probably’ not healthy

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You can call it a huge social media mistake made by a media outlet. Or maybe it was a moment of admirable honesty of Facebook with the world. Maybe it’s both. But this week, the official social network page on FB shared this (in translation): “The birthday cakes are made for people to stay together. They give friends a place to gather and celebrate. But probably not much cake is healthy. then birthday cakes are very much like the Facebook. .


Picture posted by Facebook on its official page on the network shows the phrase “Cakes are very much like the Facebook”

The social network seems to have had a moment of clarity. Years ago, his official site statistics praised how long users spent on the site. The last official statement before the IPO was that of the 10.5 billion total minutes spent per day in January. Now, Facebook prefers to describe the amount of stuff that people share on the site, rather than how many hours go into it.

Great products are effective. Should we take the minimum of time to get the maximum value.Try simply increase the amount of time spent on site can lead to bad decisions and poor health and unhappiness.

The fact is that the information we addicting. We love seek to learn. It’s an evolutionary trait.The more we know, the more likely they will survive. But with these large quantities of information at our fingertips, thanks to the Internet, the addiction can really hurt us. 

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