Farewell to Meebo Bar

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It’s official. Google has decided to close down Meebo Bar , Meebo’s only service was still operating from that in June 2012,  Google bought it for about 100 million dollars, a month later, close it. The intention was to incorporate these features to Google + , but it seems that the idea did not catch. The reasons that the company claims are to focus their resources on other features of Google +, but the real reason may have more to do with the protests of users for whom it becomes the somewhat intrusive and annoying they are more willing to remove it from use.

meebo google

meebo google

So, on 6 June, Meebo Bar definitely stop working and just automatically disappear places that incorporate it, although Google has recommended the withdrawal of the codes of the websites that currently use it. On June 30 the statistics disappear as well , but until then you can read without problems.

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