Farewell to Hotmail, say hello to Outlook.com

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Internet has changed a lot since 1996. A lot. At that time, there were only 36 million people online worldwide – and many of them opened a Hotmail account. In the years since, Hotmail has been one of the few constants in the web. However, all things must change. Now, 17 years after Hotmail was launched for the first time, more than 2.5 billion people online – and it was time to Hotmail evolve to meet the new demands of a full network of mobile phones, tablets and screens tactile.



Your Hotmail will not disappear – just changing. Meet your new Hotmail: Outlook.com!

If it is already Hotmail user, you can upgrade to the new Outlook.com immediately. You can rename your existing dirección@hotmail.com to nueva@outlook.com or, if desired, add an additional alias to your old account. If you are a new user can also choose an email address electrónico@outlook.com and take a tour of the new service.

Do not worry, you can still access your mail also MSN. Simply click the button Outlook.com you’re enjoying the new experience for Windows 8 MSN or MSN as before visiting.

Outlook.com represents the first major upgrade to the web-based email in eight years, and joins the power of Outlook that many people have long used on PC and Mac

Some changes are obvious, while others may miss at first glance. What are the highlights? Here are nine of our favorites:

1) Touch Mobile Design

Visit Outlook.com and immediately notice the new design. This has changed because not only read our emails in a browser, today most of us spend time writing and checking the mail on our phone (or tablet). So it is important to its experience Outlook which is always equal, and that does not look different each time.

2) Mail Faster

Outlook.com facilitates the entire process an email in a much faster, offering a full menu of options each time you select an email. From here, in just a click (or touch) can move mail to folders, categorize, and prioritize other actions or printing and, of course, forward or reply.

3) No ads, more space

In a masterstroke, Microsoft has made sure to clean all unnecessary clutter that penalize both mail via webmail services (including former Hotmail). The header contains 60% Outlook.com fewer pixels (which means more space) and about 30% more visible messages in your inbox.

But for now the best thing is the revelation that there is no display ads or search boxes large space-consuming and slow down the time it takes to check your email.

A cleaner inbox

4) Less spam

Microsoft has also managed to have their inbox under control and automatically as required mail Outlook.com classifies, and puts aside spam. You can keep things tidy filtering newsletters and social updates, all automatically, or cleaning your inbox for your needs.

5) Keep your private information private real

A sense of privacy is fundamental to users, which is why Microsoft has made Internet safety Outlook.com heart.In addition to a spam filter first order Outlook.com no ads based on the content of your email and gives you total control of what you share with friends socially.

6) Free Powerful Office

People also use email to share photos and work on documents, so Microsoft has included its suite free Office Web Apps.

Office Web Apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which lets you view and edit attachments without leaving your inbox. Outlook.com is also connected to your personal SkyDrive makes sending photos, documents, or whatever, is a great pleasure. SkyDrive has the added benefit of eliminating the need for email attachments uncomfortable.

7) Access your email easily and anywhere

Outlook.com is designed for the modern world and uses the benefits of cloud storage, and is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In this way, your mail is always available wherever you are.

Outlook.com also uses Exchange ActiveSync, which enhances their email, calendar and contacts on your smartphone, tablet and the new Outlook 2013 on your PC.

More social, and Skydrive

8) Social with Facebook and Twitter, and more

Connect and see Facebook updates and tweets from your friends right in your inbox. Outlook.com is the first e-mail service that offers this feature. You can also find updates from LinkedIn, Google Content and soon, Skype.Their contact information is synchronized automatically with the cloud so as not to miss anything.

9) and Chat (Skype) Video Calling incorporated

Outlook.com soon offer the ability to video chat and through the power of Skype. Previously, it was limited to send instant messages to your contacts via Messenger and Facebook. For those who have not tried it, Skype is a huge improvement – not have to worry about fumbling numbers because you can choose contacts drawn from a constantly updated list of contacts, connected to their social networks.

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