Facebook will reportedly be extended to Classifieds

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Facebook is reportedly working with Marketplace on its own classifieds service for the social network.

Facebook wants to use its monthly users in the amount of one billion to establish a new classifieds service. The Newsletter The Daily claims to have learned from intra-industry circles of an equivalent security project that is named Marketplace. With the tool according to the information can be generated ads that will be displayed for a fee in the news section of friends.Against a corresponding charge the ads can be in so-called “Promoted Posts” be converted.These work similar to Facebook Ads and are provided with additional links and multiple images. The ads can be switched on foreign membership sites and shared with a click.
Free classifieds are possible, according to the rumors at homes. Is a Facebook member, for example, looking for a room-mate, his offer will be shown all the friends who live nearby. These can then forward the petition to friends, even if they are not friends with the author of the ad are. Another part of the field to take job offers that may also be localized. Furthermore, the ads are shown only to Facebook members who indicate in their profile, for example, an appropriate degree and matching skills.

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