Facebook: upload photos from your phone to a private album automatically

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Mark Zuckerberg’s company has been slow to fill a need for users: make photo uploads comfortable, thinking especially of events like birthdays or trips. In this context, users do a lot of pictures and options such as Dropbox and Google have proved really comfortable.

With this feature, users just have to take pictures with their ‘smartphone’ and select how they want to raise, if using data or Wifi only, not to eat too. As soon as the user gets the right connection, the pictures are automatically uploaded to the service. So, then you can access the photos from any computer with an Internet connection, be it a phone, a ‘tablet’ or computer.

Some manufacturers have integrated into their handsets the pictures automatically uploaded to Facebook, such as HTC, but still not something standard in mobile applications. The social network decided to fix it and announced months ago Photo Sync function, which has been in testing since August and is now open to other users.

If the user chooses to activate Photo Sync, the pictures you take with your ‘smartphone’ is automatically uploaded to a private album on Facebook. After either through the application or web page, you can choose to download or share favorite for publicly. The system is identical to that of Google+.

To enable automatic synchronization of photos, you need to have the Facebook app updated with the latest version available on Google Play and the App Store. The application typically displays an alert on the wall, recommending activation. If not, go to the photo tab, where there is a new option called “Sync”, next to “Photos” and “Albums”.

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