Facebook tries to silence a blogger who uncovered a scandal of selling data

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The most popular social network in the world could not prevent the blogger Bulgarian Bogomil Shopov post your conversations with Facebook in the wake of an offer to sell uncover massive data : for five dollars could buy more than one million users’ personal data.

The company asked him not to make public the details because it would obstruct an internal investigation and asked him to destroy the data collected after sending them.

Shopov, activist digital rights advocate, said that although it will work with the company to its internal investigation (in fact, claims to have destroyed data purchased ), it will not delete your posts in explaining the existence of that market, or plan to stop talking about the investigation .

Speaking to ReadWrite , the Bulgarian blogger says he contacted Facebook after counting in a post that he had bought the data list and mail accounts included active users of Facebook, especially the U.S., Canada and Europe . The offer can be seen even through the Google cache .

Following this issue, the company opened an internal investigation. In a written statement, Facebook spokesman, Chris Kraeuter, says the company “will take aggressive measures in the wake of such reports” . “We continue to investigate this this particular one,” he concludes.

Shopov verified claims that some of the email accounts to see if they belonged to active users. Facebook asked fairly “imperative” that will notify those people what was happening, even though he claims “was his first impulse.”

More flexibility in Europe

Moreover, the European Commission (EC) on Thursday was willing to make changes to a more flexible legislative proposal to regulate the protection of personal data on the Internet , as requested by Member States, said the community responsible for Justice, Viviane Reding.

The proposals are part of the aim of updating the European law on data protection, legislation dating from 1995, before the popularization of the Web

The new regulations proposed by Brussels, which will need the approval of the governments of the twenty-seven EU countries and the plenary of the European Parliament, will provide citizens, for example, to clear the information that appears on them in search engines like Google or networks social as Facebook .

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