Facebook to monitor private conversations too..!

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Facebook has Powerful computers and dedicated Constantly Analyzing the traffic data using algorithms, filtering systems, overlap, etc. .. If a suspicious conversation, SEEMS, it is checked by a human Automatically, to define if it is To Be Transmitted or not the police. Facebook Speaks very little about historical methods, aim to confess a special watch on the patterns of teenagers in order to protect ’em from bad meetings.


Facebook’s computers are able Analyzing of about particularly intelligent, if determined to Some Behavior is harassment, pedophilia, ‘trafficking of drugs, racism, etc. .. It is the use of some formulas, the repetition of words, the number of conversations, places, and Many Other Factors That Will exchange determines if a year is at risk or not. In Some Cases, cooperation with law Police Went Even further, since a database of Some forms of speech on the Internet is added to the filters Facebook to find out if a pedophile example is again from historical approach to children.This monitoring is at the limit of privacy and Individual liberties, Have Already Helped Police purpose in Several Countries to flush out criminal activities on the web. Even if Facebook Does not play on transparency Regarding the monitoring private conversations, the Fact Remains That There Is nothing illegal in thesis methods since automatic detection systems are Provided in the TOS of the site, as in.

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