Facebook removes a dating ad that featured a young women who died in April

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Facebook has apologized for showing an ad that used online dating as a teaser image Rehtaeh Parsons, a young Canadian woman of 17 who committed suicide last April .

“Find Love in Canada! Meet Canadian girls and women to engage in a friendship, a date with them or maintain a relationship. Sign up now!” Reads the ad. All illustrated with a photo of Rehtaeh, employing the same loved ones in the commemoration of his death .

The young, as explained by her parents, that she had sexually abused 15 years and in addition to that, someone spread the images of that horrible act.

Months later, Rehtaeh image appears, obviously without permission, as the company’s advertising campaign ‘Ionechat.com’ which, according to Facebook, you can no longer advertise on this network .

‘The worst ad of Facebook’

“I’m completely baffled and disgusted with this.’s My daughter, Rehtaeh.’s Have an ad for an appointment with singles. Did not even know what to say,” noted her father, Glen Canning, in his personal blog . Your comment appears under a title that speaks for itself: “Possibly the worst ad of Facebook”.

As explained by the BBC on its website, a spokesman for the Internet giant said that “this is an extremely unfortunate example of an advertiser who steals a picture from the Internet and used in an advertising campaign. ”

“This is a huge violation of our advertising policies . We have removed the ad and permanently deleted advertiser’s account “, added from Facebook.”We regret any damage caused.”

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