Facebook released design in the coming days

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Mark Zuckerberg introducing Timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg introducing Timeline.

Despite the difficulty that users make changes, the network renewed some features.

The last time Facebook changed radically the design of  Timeline , complaints arose pages, groups soliciting signatures and even plug-ins for browsers that forced the network to appear as before.None of this was retained after some time and now is at least what you hear about it.

But a new wave of complaints and slogans could arise in the avenues of Facebook. There are two changes that will come. At least one official.

First, New Zealand users have reported that their  Timeline changed. The changes are not as drastic as the previous occasion, but it shows. Mainly consists of a different arrangement of the elements, is now advertising below, the section with your information now is a menu on the left, and now, importantly, every time you put a link to a site that has profile Facebook, a button for people to give ‘Like’ to that profile, even in publications that have not done that profile.

But this is, for now, only tests performed in New Zealand users. However, Facebook sent invitations to other changes in the most important section of the network, the News section, which appears as soon as you open the page.

In this respect there is no further information. It is not known what the exact changes, but probably has as much to do with some of the items displayed in New Zealand, as with the introduction of Graph Search, a new search feature that Facebook introduced a few weeks ago.

The event will be on March 7 at the headquarters of Facebook. We’ll see what the company has to file, and what all the fuss on individual users.

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