Facebook prevents others from accessing social network user data

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Facebook has changed, once again, its privacy policy. In this case, to clarify that developers can not use the platform to export user data from Facebook to other social networks.

Since its inception, the company had rules to prohibit applications that send data to third parties , whether data analysts or ad networks … but never clearly stated that they could not send “to other social networks.”

Its director, Product Development, Doug Purdy, as noted in a blog post on the official company a year ago, but in the privacy policy, in official documents, was not reflected … until now.

Facebook now says that applications that want to export data to other social networks like Google + should use the “Download your information” but not the Facebook API . Yes specifies that through this format, some data only mail users, only friends who have expressly chosen your privacy settings you want to share that inforamción.

This option is hidden behind a large variety of options in the account settings, possibly the result that few users have been activated. In other words, hardly makes sense to use it, because limited data exported.

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