Facebook presented on April 4 a customized version of Android along with a new HTC device

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s reported in the NYT (New York Times), the next day on April 4 at the event scheduled by Facebook, will present a new device, we believe it is a Smartphone from HTC, with a customized version of Android. In this version especially important charged applications that Facebook currently has running on the Android ecosystem.Namely, the very app for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera or Instagram itself.

The NYT quotes a Facebook employee familiar with the company’s plans and expands the rumors that appeared yesterday in The Wall Street Journal . It is not clear yet whether we face a layer Samsung TouchWiz customization type or if on the contrary , is something deeper and truly change the version of Android that leads underneath, something similar to what Amazon does with its Kindle Fire. What seems to be proved, is that obeying the slogan of the invitation sent by Facebook to the April 4, in which it says’ Come See Our ​​New Home on Android‘, the Home screen or the phone displays information relevant to the in connection with the social network of Mark Zuckerberg .

The idea of a Facebook phone or Facebook Phone is not new and we have in fact two precedents, the HTC Cha Cha and Salsa that already had some integration to have a shortcut button to the social network on your keyboard.The idea of an exclusive phone Facebook has often been denied by the company but now it seems more than likely eventually be presented (with physical keyboard or on-screen). Even some sources indicate that this device would be called HTC Myst although this still remains within the scope of the rumorología.

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