Facebook preparing for an all-out spy on users

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The world’s largest social network Facebook is developing a mobile application that will track the movements of users in real time, using data from GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. The program can run in the background.

As says Bloomberg, citing its own sources, the development application is in the final stage. Release program is expected in mid-March. Launching the application, the social network intends to discourage the audience from the popular service Foursquare and earn a targeted advertising. New help billionth Facebook audience to find out which online friends are nearby, with special alerts.

At the expense of tracking the movements of users of the service will be able to choose their very precisely targeted advertising based on daily routes people. This will help the company to increase the monetization of mobile users whom Facebook is already much more than “dekstopnyh” .

On the application of labor formerly of Google, Peter Deng, and experts from the startup Gowalla, Facebook bought in 2011. Also on the program of work of the company employees Glancee, Facebook acquired a few months ago. 

The program, created by Facebook, – this is not the first application of this kind (the world has seen the Find My Friends by Apple and Highlight by Math Camp). These applications are not popular among the users as much smartphone will drain the battery because of the constant work geopositioning services. In addition, these services pose considerable challenges in terms of privacy.

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