Facebook papered with posters headquarters for employees to change iPhone for Android

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  • Facebook poster papers its headquarters encouraging its employees to move to Android.
  • The application of social network for the system Google is clearly improved compared to that of iOS.

Android users do nothing but complain, consider the ‘app’ Facebook for Google’s operating system is slower, more unstable and consumes far more resources than the version that enjoyed by the Apple .

Zuckerberg and his not ignore the importance of the green robot – present in the vast majority of smartphones and a growing percentage of the tablets – have for your business strategy. And that takes time encouraging its engineers to abandon their iPhone (which the company gave them at the time) and make the jump to Android. There is no better way to meet the needs of users to be one of them.

And what happened to the thinking minds of the most popular social network in the world? For wallpapering his headquarters Mountain View with a (ugly) posters recommending the transition. Basically show a chart with data from IDC, which predicts that in 2016 Google’s operating system will control a large portion twice Cake smartphones.

This pro-Android offensive comes shortly after Facebook actualizase their ‘apps’ for iOS and Android. With the first said to have returned to set up the house from the ground up. The second was a minor update.

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