Facebook moves on your app

This is a career. Facebook and Twitter are glued to see who offers the best application in the industry,who can do more trifles to their users and who retains a loyal customer potential, in addition to receiving advertising, of course. Thugs get-blocking each other, for example-but also respond immediately to a movement of the enemy.

Twitter launched came last week from an external application to upload videos of six seconds to the social network. Now Facebook has updated its mobile application for iPhone and suddenly, facilitates record and upload videos from within the app, without editing or anything, send voice messages to other users and also slightly improved geolocation functions:

For you to understand the war between the two most popular social networks in the world I remember a couple of facts .

According to the report The Information Society in Spain , which was introduced a few days, 89% of the Spanish who owns a smartphone  , there are 18 million in our country – access the Internet through it daily. In addition, 79% of users of smartphones “regularly watch videos through mobile Internet, percentage above countries like U.S.. UU. or Japan. “

In our country there are now  22.2 million mobile broadband accesses . What about social networking? 79% of users access them via a  smartphone , one of the highest rates in the world.Daily access to a social network, 51% of users of smartphones.

Finally, “the number of active users of applications in Spain has increased by 140% in just a few months, from 5 million in early 2012, to 12 million in September of the same year. ” Globally, build applications and a turnover of 1,900 million euros. Nothing more to say, Your Honor.

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