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Facebook could deploy a new feature taken from the social network Twitter . The company is testing the popular “trending topics” to add the user into the wall. With this social network would include a further step in its intention to become the first platform for users to find out what happens in the world, and snatch this post to Google at the same Twitter . For now it is a feature that is still in its infancy, but the network could officially in the coming months.



Since last June, Facebook has begun to roll out the ability to add popular tags within status updates that make contacts. This development opens a world of possibilities for the social network, as the use of “hashtags” (most used tags) has long been the engine that has led the social network activity Twitter .Born this way all real movements around some of these popular terms. Some of the most notorious examples of recent times found it with the support of the 15M movement that has been done through Twitter and its importance in the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring.

Although this is still a test, Facebook has begun introducing a small box on the top right of the wall with the most popular topics of the moment social network, using as a basis the labels that provide network members within their publications. Currently, this functionality is deployed only on a small percentage of U.S. users of Facebook . From the social network has confirmed this, and remarked that this is evidence for a role that is only in its early stages of life.

That means that for now we can not say with certainty that this function being deployed globally, as many of the experiments prove the social network eventually disappear. But it is clear that the team Zuckerbergaims to harness the potential of hashtags as a conduit for traffic generated in the network. Still have to wait a few months to measure the utility that may be in a more network-oriented content publishing and direct the conversation and search for current issues such as Twitter (although this could be discussed much).

Meanwhile, Facebook is giving clear signs of recovery in the stock market. The company has overcome in recent days with the initial value entered to bid on the Exchange, and placed its shares at a price of $ 38.But after a shaky start value of the company plummeted, reaching down below r half of his first assessment. Since last July 24 there has been a remarkable growth from $ 26 up to $ 41 with which it closed last Friday. These figures show a much more positive view of the company, and away the ghosts of failure that traveled for months the roofs of the network.

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