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It has taken a week but the bumper stickers or promised by Facebook have already arrived. Is an advertised feature with its surroundings Facebook Home . Question that got media attention and users buthas failed to materialize between them. And you have to be a fan of this social network to assign the desktop smartphone publications of contacts, giving also in security, comfort and functionality .Perhaps in order to please the most disappointed, now launches its great emoticons .

This is an update to Facebook Messenger on the platform Android , the tool that collects only messaging service of this social network to keep in touch with friends and family without having to use the main application of Facebook . Something that helps prevent it running slow . Thus, they are only the individual and group conversations , now sweetened with a new collection of larger emoticons are not limited to typical faces.

facebook messenger stickers

The phenomenon of stickers , stickers or adhesives has been popularized by the application LINE , which has introduced all sorts of collections charismatic style dial Manga . Now, after its adoption by other communication tools such as Viber , also come to Facebook . Just as classic emoticons, these adhesives are in the talks , located on the smiley face icon that appears in the bar writing . By simply clicking on this shows the different collections.

By default, there are two collections available . The first, more classical, showing different yellow faceswith different gestures and emotions , much larger than those that can be found on the + button .Besides occupying size makes much of the screen . There are several menus that can be accessed by sliding your finger from right to left. Just to his right, in the form of tab appears the other collection. This time is led by a friendly cat overweight representing various life situations in a predominantly sedentary.

facebook messenger stickers

In addition to these collections, and as it happens in LINE , Facebook has introduced a store wherepurchased other sets of emoticons . Thus, as a tab on the left, you see a shopping cart that takes the user to that store. Here are three tabs to find new collections added, all that are available and finallywhat has been downloaded . At the moment there are a total of five collections available completelyfree . All of them featuring cute animals or creatures . Although it is expected that new ones are added soon, including payment collections .

In short, a feature that can please the disappointed users Facebook waiting more than a launcher or environment unsafe and impractical. So, Facebook Messenger is completed with more possibilities with the novel bubble notifications . Updating of this application for Android and you can download for freethrough Google Play . It is expected that users of iPhone soon also enjoy these adhesives or stickers

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