Facebook is worth more than Apple and Google … regarding media impact

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Although the value of Facebook stock market has not yet recovered, the company Mark Zuckerberg is also invaluable when measured by other standards: its impact on the media.

The U.S. firm General Sentiment, in fact, estimates that the social network is the most valuable brand in the world, according to a study that would have measured the number of entries received in the media and on social networks. The cost of “media impact” of Facebook would amount to $ 751 million , with a big difference on the other major social platform and rival, Twitter (432 million).

 Apple is in second place in this ranking of General Sentiment, followed by Google . The valuation of the firm is in the block $ 657 million, while the boys from Mountain View would be $ 547 million. In three months,Facebook has managed to rise above these two companies. In a similar study last quarter, Google got the victory with 756 million recalls Forbes.

Going down to fifth place can be found to Amazon , with 258 million dólaras. And we stalking the KoreanSamsung , whose media coverage given a cache of 249 million. With nine million less and an honorable seventh place is Microsoft .

 HP and Yahoo! also would get enough mentions both the press and users of social networks. Ranked eighth and tenth, are valued at 131 and 117 million respectively.

The relationship also are some producers and creators of content, such as MTV (4th place) and Disney (9th).

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