Facebook is testing a service to send postcards

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Facebook is testing a new service to make physical postal users’ photos to be sent by mail to any recipient. It is a service that already used in mobile applications and often very useful and economical.

The application allows Facebook users to send their own photos converted to zip through regular mail. The idea came a couple of months and now the service is still in evidence and open to a limited audience.

Operation is simple. As in the traditional postal, the photo will be displayed in the front of the card and the personalized message will be located at the rear. In any case, the Facebook service requires knowledge of the recipient’s postal address for shipping.

Facebook sources have claimed that the company is still assessing what the final price of the service. The new feature works with Sincerely , the same company behind similar projects , as Postagram, an application that lets you send photos by way of postal Instagram through an application for smartphones.

Postagram is priced at 81 cents (0.99 dollars) and is available for Android and iPhone.

This new feature of Facebook would fit well with Karma, the company recently acquired by the social network to send physical greeting cards and gifts by mail.

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