Facebook is now the second favorite place to watch videos online

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For any user of the internet is no secret that the preferred location for the entire Internet community to view videos on the web is YouTube , the famous platform that Google acquired several years ago and which has greatly improved.However, the fight for the second (though distant) because Yahoo had always led, so far as Facebook has become the second favorite spot for surfers to watch videos on the web.

according to comScore

The above table is the result of the research work of a recognized measurement and analysis firm, comScore , who has given data, ensuring that each person saw an average of 1,336 minutes of video last month, of which 21 minutes have been seen via Facebook and 70 minutes via Yahoo. However, second place is given to the social networking giant as it had 53 million users in July, while Yahoo only had 48 million.

In the case of YouTube, referenced in the table as “Google Sites”, Internet users watched an average of 525 minutes on the platform, and were a total of 157 million people. Of course, comScore data based in the United States, but say the results do not vary much in the world.

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