Facebook is no longer a Democracy

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Facebook users can no longer vote, democracy is over. Perhaps most of the nearly one billion subscribers to the social network did not know they could do it, but the truth is that until last Wednesday and vote your opinion was taken into account when making changes or improvements in security policies and privacy on Facebook .

But now they have decided Zuckerberg “cancel” the window of voting because the feedback from users was not quality. Were frank. The users of this social network received between Wednesday and Thursday a message in their email accounts whose sender was Facebook and the subject ” Updates Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

In that e-mail that the company had notified remembered some proposals on policy changes and grateful for the vote, but that they would do without it in the future.

“We appreciate the comments that you send us for our deadline for receipt of comments, but we discovered that the voting mechanism created a system that encouraged the number of comments rather than quality. Therefore, we propose to leave the polling component in order to promote an environment of greater relevance to comments, “noted Elliot Schrage , vice president of communications, marketing and public policy social network .

The site Mashable said that whenever Facebook call vote, attendance is low. In fact, note that the last time this happened, in June this year, very few users are encouraged to vote. 342,632 voted only, ie 1 of each subscribed 2.600, equivalent to 0.034% of the entire population of Facebook.

However, despite eliminating the feedback, Facebook allows its users to discuss and take their views into account before November 28 ending this process of “consultation”

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