Facebook introduces the function to find close friends

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The social network by Mark Zuckerberg introduces the new Find Friends Nearby geolocalize which allows their friends to find the ones closest to your position, but for now the official launch is postponed.

Facebook introduces the function to find close friends

Made available only for a few hours, the new feature Find Nearby Friends should help find your friends Facebook that are close by using geolocation services on the various devices.This new feature was initially called Friendshake and should take advantage of technology provided by Glancee , recently acquired by the mobile app Facebook. The function should be used both by applications for Android and iPhone OS either directly on the computer by connecting directly to a Web page that will display a variety of people in a certain range and that in turn only connected to the same page. It an instrument, therefore, not only to find friends close, but that should stimulate social relations with those who are still not part of their friends. This new feature has been available only for a few hours. According to Facebook when he says, it was a little test even though some think that behind the suspension there is something else. Some think that Facebook has temporarily turned back to avoid a possible lawsuit by FriendThem , a company that claims paternity and supports the idea that has been illegally taken away from social networks.

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