Facebook introduces ads in the ‘feed’ marks are not related to the user

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The social network is testing in some users a new advertising strategy. In the notice board, in the web version as in mobile applications, Facebook is introducing brand ads in the pages are made ‘like me’, even contacts .These commercial messages are not supported by any explicit user displays.This innovation in the field of advertising on Facebook is still in testing phase . Since the company did not want to specify how many users are experiencing or if you are seriously considering expanding the program to the entire population of the social network.

These ads go a step further in Facebook advertising . The brands have long been creating pages on social network to promote themselves.They do this through their messages, which reach users who have made ‘I like’ on their sites. The goal is that users who see the publication not only read but the share and thus increase the diffusion.

In this way the message will always be recommended by a friend or directly to the page where the user has made me like. But the evidence that Facebook is doing break this system, inserted into the bulletin board brands publications unrelated to the recipient.

Sumpto founder, an online platform that measures social influence, do not trust that users receive with open arms this type of advertising. “The only way this will work as a model for short or long term if Facebook is the definition of the target was so accurate that users really appreciate receiving new messages and offers,” says a ReadWriteWeb , then adding that this is ” a fine line to walk. “

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