Facebook in Controversy over changing email address without permission

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The largest and most powerful social network of the world changed your email address – at least there on Facebook. How? Enter your profile, click on “about” and look on the right side of the screen, your email address. Was? Noticed a difference?This means that anyone who find your profile there and want to send you an email, you only have access to the address @ facebook, unless you change manually, your settings.

Facebook said, officially, that change is a security measure to protect user privacy. “But we give people the choice to show your personal address or not,” explained a spokesman for the network.

According to the website DailyMail, the change happened on Tuesday, June 26. Blogs of technology and specialized vehicles characterized the move as presumptuous and intrusive.

It is the first change that Facebook causes controversy. The change of the profiles for the format timeline and selling user information to advertising companies strategies are highly criticized.

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